PrEP4You is a program initiallized by PULSE CLINIC, BANGKOK to help provide information about PrEP. 

We are the only medical clinic listed on
We are also listed on Aids Concern Hong Kong's PrEP info page, as well as on PrEPnu Netherlands.

Before you start...


PrEP is best used as a daily pill.

You have to be committed to taking pill each day.

It’s not forever, PrEP is an ‘opt in’ treatment. 

Your circumstances and situation might change and you might find that for whatever reason you no longer need or want PrEP. It's always your choice. As our lives and lifestyles change so do our methods and options of sexual protection.

Get tested

Before starting PrEP you need to get a HIV test and must return a negative result 4 weeks after your last 'risky situation'. You should test again every 3 months or so after this.


It’s very important to be 100% sure you are HIV negative before taking PrEP, otherwise you might create a few drug resistance issues. 

Continuous care

You need to keep getting tested regularly for HIV every 3 months, and keep an eye on your kidney function.


You shouldn’t have any problems with these but you can easily get tested at your local sexual health clinic to make sure you're not having any unexpected reactions. It’s also a great idea to do all your other STI tests whilst you’re at the clinic.



Drug resistance?

Drug resistance is when the HIV in your body developing a drug resistance, not your body developing a resistance to the PrEP medication. It happens only if you actually have HIV in your system (i.e. HIV positive). That’s why it’s so important to make sure you’re negative. If you are negative and taking PrEP, as long as you stay negative, you will not have any drug resistance issues to worry about. Your body does not ‘get used to the PrEP’ and stop protecting you from HIV, which is a common confusion that people have.